Family Service Center

The Family Services Center makes a difference to children and families today that are facing many challenges. These challenges can become barriers to a successful education.


Hough Foundation established the Family Services Center to meet the needs of our diverse school community. We are now proud to be partnering with the Vancouver School District and their FCRC network. When children are fed, clothed, nurtured and cared for, the whole community benefits. The Hough Foundation is designed to respond quickly and effectively to the ever changing needs of our most precious resource — children. When necessary, we offer warm clothes, coats, shoes and school supplies so children are able to go to school prepared to learn. If a family is in crisis, we are here to help. A holiday help program that meets the needs of Hough families and neighbors is offered through the Family Service Center in partnership with the faith community, individuals and businesses.



Private Counseling for Students and Parents

Sometimes life is hard and gets in the way of living a nurturing life that allows our kids to learn and grow. If you or your child is in need of private counseling we may be able to help. Please contact our FCRC , Annette Mccabe (360) 313-2107.


Lunch Buddy

For just 45 minutes per week, you can change a child’s life? Become a Lunch Buddy and you’ll have weekly lunches with one or more elementary students who may be experiencing changes at home, having difficulty in school or needing a positive role model in their life. Lunch Buddy Program is on Wednesday and Thursdays. Please contact for more information.


After School Enrichment Programs 2023-2024:

Music Exploration – Mondays, Tuesday & Wednesdays- 3rd-5th grades
Lego Robotics – Tuesdays- 3rd-5th grades
Hough Choir – Thursdays- 3rd-5th grades
Horticulture/Garden – Thursdays or Fridays- 1st-5th grades

The Hough Foundation after-school programs start after school with a break/snack/recess time for the first half hour. Structured programs are for one hour 3- 4pm (2-3pm on early release Mondays). We will provide student supervision 2:30-3 (1:30-2 on early release Mondays) for students registered in the Hough Foundation after-school programs on their program days. During this time students will have a chance to have a break after school, before their enrichment programs start. All programs end at 4pm (3pm on early release Mondays). It is imperative that you pick your child up at this time, there is no adult supervision available after programs.

This year the Hough Foundation is offering the following after school programs.
(All days and times are subject to change.)


Music Exploration

Join us in the afternoon to explore musical instruments such as percussion, ukulele, band, and more! This year, we will be offering opportunities for advanced players as well as beginners, and we will have chances to perform for our community as well as our school. Open to 3rd-5th grade students, 3 days a week. Directed by Eileen Cowen and Jeffery Steehler.
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday -2:30-4pm (1:30-3pm on early release Mondays)


Lego Robotics

Open to 3rd-5th grade students, 1 day a week. Directed by Tim North.
Tuesdays 2:30-4pm


Hough Choir

Open to 3rd-5th grade students, 1 day a week. Directed by Justin McLeod.
Thursdays 2:30-4pm



Students will have the opportunity to dig, plant, explore and create with outdoor inspiration. We will use monthly themes ie: September~ leaves, October~ pumpkins, bringing in studies on birds, wildlife etc.; all while caring for the Hough gardens. Open to 1st-5th grade students, 1 day a week. Directed by Mandi Atkinson.
Thursdays 2:30-4pm or Fridays 2:30-4pm


Please note not all programs are available each day or for all grade levels. Contact Eden Gangi to register your student or with any questions at
Hough Foundation Enrichment After-school Programs will begin in October. Programs, days and times are subject to change.