The Lunch Buddy Program provides weekly one-on-one lunch time mentors for students. The Hough Foundation facilitates a thriving program at Hough School. The Lunch Buddy program provides a positive influence for kids.


First Steps In Becoming A Lunch Buddy at Hough

The first steps in becoming a Lunch Buddy is to contact the Hough Family Service Center at (360) 313-2107 to schedule a meeting to discuss the program and answer any questions you may have. You will tour our wonderful school, and we’ll provide a short volunteer orientation and assist you in completing the Vancouver School District required background check.

Once the school is notified that your background check is complete (usually one week), you will be matched with a student. The little buddy must return a permission slip by signed by his/her parent or guardian before we can introduce you to your little Buddy and begin having lunches together.


Matching You With A Student

Students are referred to the program by teachers, counselors and school administrators who feel that the child will benefit from this program. Usually children that are currently experiencing trauma, changes at home or difficulty functioning at school are moved to the top of the waiting list (and there is ALWAYS a waiting list).

The mobility rate at “at-risk” schools is often high. Hough School also serves a large percentage of the homeless elementary school students in Clark County due to the proximity of the shelters. If your little Buddy does move during the year, there are always other students waiting for a Buddy. If your student stays here at Hough in future years, you may continue your Buddy relationship with the same student! Many times having a Lunch Buddy improves the academic performance as well as school attendance of the child thus helping the stability of the family.