Meet Becca Kempton

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Becca Kempton has been passionate about making a difference since her high school days in Connecticut. She created a literary club which published artwork and writings in a student magazine. Becca spent sixteen years in Cincinnati, OH. There she studied fashion design at UC. Professionally she worked in fashion retail management. In her free time, she did event planning for fashion shows and fundraisers.

Moving to the west coast, in Downtown Vancouver brought many changes with it. Becca became a mother and family life began. As her daughter Daisy became school age, Becca began volunteering with the afterschool programs for the Hough Foundation. Presently, Becca is the assistant to the instructors of several of our after-school programs.

She loves singing, dancing, art, painting, and her favorite is gardening! More importantly to Becca is bringing light to all those around her, especially the kids.